Friday, February 10, 2017

Week Two Student Voice

  • My favourite part of school so far is the library and p.e. I liked the "All about Me" work.
  • I enjoy the maths we do. It challenges our brains and helps us think. Thank you for the fun work you set for us.
  • I enjoyed using our devices. 
  • Class is going great I feel like I'm right at home. I have lots of friends in this class so I'm happy to be here.
  • I like P.E. can we play dodge ball? please!😉😉
  • Class is going Great.
  • I really like how we play P.E and it's really fun and good. I really like how we do all the sheets and graphs because it teaches me a lot and it's really fun as well. 😃😃  
  • My favorite thing is being a year 7 and going to tech on a Friday morning!! 
  • I love that we have played lots of sports and want to play lots more.
  • I love to play sports out and in school. I really like PE so can we please do dodgeball once a week.
  • I like school it is fun
  • It has been fun using our Chromebook(s).
  • This year I really enjoyed Reading P.E and Maths so far. (Well that's all we have done).
  • I like how we play P.E a lot.
  • I have really enjoyed how you take us out to do P.E most days I'VE LOVED IT. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.
  • I played (a lot of) sport.
  • School has been really good I like the work that you give us.I love doing P.E with you, You are an interesting teacher, I hope to learn more from you.
  • What I like about the class is that everyone is nice to each other and not mean and I also like how people are not loud.I like how everyone shares they're ideas.  
  • School, for me, is a really safe environment and the first two weeks of school was exciting and I enjoyed saying hi to my friends.
  • I like doing work on the computer.
  • I'm happy that I got into a class with friends.
  • I really like my class and my teacher and I love doing visual art.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Kauri Sport

On Friday afternoon we went out for Kauri Sport. We played Kauri 3 in a game of Danish Rounders. For some, it was a new game and there were different rules.

We were impressed with how quickly we picked up the game, with some excellent catching and great running. Everyone gave it a good go! We were very happy to come away with a win with the promise of close competition in the future!

It was nice also to see so many Papakowhai T-shirts on and running shoes!

The picture is of Kauri 4 fielding.

Buddy Reading

Kauri 4 have the responsibility of helping Rata 4 and Rimu 4 on wet lunchtimes. This means we send 3 students each wet morning tea and lunchtime to help the younger students in their lunchtime activities and join in with them in appropriate classroom activities.

On Friday we went up to Mr. Smith class in Rimu 4 and joined them for Buddy Reading which we will try and do every Friday to help each other in our learning.
Enjoy the picture.