Friday, February 10, 2017

Week Two Student Voice

  • My favourite part of school so far is the library and p.e. I liked the "All about Me" work.
  • I enjoy the maths we do. It challenges our brains and helps us think. Thank you for the fun work you set for us.
  • I enjoyed using our devices. 
  • Class is going great I feel like I'm right at home. I have lots of friends in this class so I'm happy to be here.
  • I like P.E. can we play dodge ball? please!😉😉
  • Class is going Great.
  • I really like how we play P.E and it's really fun and good. I really like how we do all the sheets and graphs because it teaches me a lot and it's really fun as well. 😃😃  
  • My favorite thing is being a year 7 and going to tech on a Friday morning!! 
  • I love that we have played lots of sports and want to play lots more.
  • I love to play sports out and in school. I really like PE so can we please do dodgeball once a week.
  • I like school it is fun
  • It has been fun using our Chromebook(s).
  • This year I really enjoyed Reading P.E and Maths so far. (Well that's all we have done).
  • I like how we play P.E a lot.
  • I have really enjoyed how you take us out to do P.E most days I'VE LOVED IT. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.
  • I played (a lot of) sport.
  • School has been really good I like the work that you give us.I love doing P.E with you, You are an interesting teacher, I hope to learn more from you.
  • What I like about the class is that everyone is nice to each other and not mean and I also like how people are not loud.I like how everyone shares they're ideas.  
  • School, for me, is a really safe environment and the first two weeks of school was exciting and I enjoyed saying hi to my friends.
  • I like doing work on the computer.
  • I'm happy that I got into a class with friends.
  • I really like my class and my teacher and I love doing visual art.

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